When both spouses can agree on how to settle their divorce issues, an uncontested divorce may be prepared and filed with the court - saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars in legal fees. However, the process of preparing and filing all the necesary documents to obtain a final court approved decree of divorce can be daunting and confusing. Utah Self Divorce (Do It Yourself Divorce) makes this process easier for end-users by providing an interview based information gathering interface for divorcing parties (either with, or without children) and upon completion, providing the end user a packet with instructions and documents ready for signing and submisison to the court. You will receive the option to download your packet in .ZIP and Microsoft Word formats. Receiving the documents in MS Word format makes it easy for your alter, modify and/or edit your documents before filing with the court should you need to do so. Other sites may only offer PDF documents that are either uneditable or difficult to edit. We also offer a packet to includes an attorney review of your documents before you file. 

Should the parties not be in agreement and a contested divorce is desired, users may still use Utah Self Divorce service (online divorce documents) to prepare the initial documents that are required for filing and serving your petition for divorce.

Step 1 Utah Online Divorce

Make sure you qualify for filing for a Utah Divorce.
To get divorced in Utah you or your spouse must reside in a single county in Utah for at least three months immediately before filing the divorce petition. Utah Code Section 30-3-1. If custody of a minor child is an issue, usually the child must reside with at least one of the parents in Utah for at least six months, but there are exceptions.

Grounds for divorce
The grounds for divorce, including irreconcilable differences, are listed in Utah Code Section 30-3-1(3).

Step 2 Utah Online Divorce

Go to our Checkout Page (down below or our Buy Now page) and order your packet. (BUY NOW)
Once your payment is received, you will receive an email with a link to download a pre-interview document that will contain instructions and a link to your interview. You do not have to complete the interview in one sitting. You may need to gather information and return to the interview at a later time. Upon completion of your interview, you will receive the final documents, in a .ZIP file and/or Microsoft Word format, and filing instructions.

Step 3 Utah Online Divorce

Make any changes to your provided documents. Print out your final packet. Sign the necessary documents and file your petition for divorce with the court. (Instructions will be included in final downloadable packet.)

NOTE: Once you submit your 'final' interview, you will not be able to alter any information in the interview. You may, however, save your interview, without 'submitting' and return as often as you like to make changes. Also, you may make changes/edit your final documents as they are provided to you in Microsoft Word format. (In the event you lose your files, or accidently 'submit' your interview before you have input all the necessary information, you may contact us to re-open your interview.